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Arashi Arashi For Dream

You are my SOUL! SOUL! いつもすぐそばにある!

3 September

I'm a fan of ARASHI, T-ARA and SPEED. I also want to befriend anyone who is a fan of those idols mentioned above. I'm also willing to join communities that is either mainly about those idols! <3 This is mainly because ARASHI's song albums were quite expensive in Singapore compared to Japan. Therefore, to get to know and love all the idols mentioned even more, I'd like to befriend LifeJournal users that are fans of those singers like I mentioned above. I'd also like to get to know more people and befriend them in LifeJournal even they aren't fans of ARASHI, T-ARA and SPEED. It's all about having fun in LifeJournal!! =D






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